Byne is a church that is focused on ministering to our community in ministries both on our campus and off of our campus 

Prayer for Schools

As a new year begins our school faculty and staff members and students all over the world covet your prayers. Each and every one of us—-Teachers, Administrators, School Counselors, Custodians, Cafeteria Workers, Office staff, Maintenance Workers, School Psychologists, Speech Pathologists, IT Department, School Bus Drivers AND our students need you praying……not just today, but each and every day!
Here are some specific things that you can pray daily for all of us adults and our students.
Pray that teachers will teach their content areas well. That they will see the academically struggling students and have the wisdom to help them.
That we will make relationships with students a priority – so our students feel loved by an adult at school.
To see the students who are often overlooked, who try to hide, who are withdrawn and are struggling.
To know how to help the ones that are the loudest and the most active so he/she can feel successful at school.
To see the hungry students and the ones who need their basic needs met.
To see the hurting students – the ones who are struggling at home, with making friends, with loving themselves.
To see the depressed students/families who may be dealing with an illness – physical or mental.
To see those who hurt themselves because they don’t know what else to do in order to feel something.
To see the ones who are trying to desperately fit in and are growing up way too fast.
To see the ones who have lost friends and family members to accidents, diseases, cancer, and old age.
To see the students who live their lives in fear.
To see the students who are taking care of siblings because there are no adults at home.
To see beyond the harshly spoken words to us and actions of students and see the daily struggles that our students are carrying.
To see those struggling with identity and sexuality issues.
To see those who are being abused.
To see those who are in desperate need of role models.
To know how to help those who are English learners and who are also learning a new culture.
To love those students whose family values and morals are different than our own.
To show love to those students who are taken from their home due to no fault of their own.
To know how to help and provide resources to grandparents and great grandparents who are raising their grandchildren.
To see and help the ones that are labeled as outcasts.
To see and hear when our students are being tormented.
To know how to help each child we come in contact with.
To be able to love the ones who are mean to others – help us not to “write them off” as bad kids.
Pray that we see things going on in our classrooms, our halls, our bathrooms, our cafeterias, our entire buildings. Pray that we are all SAFE when we go to school.
Pray we have wisdom to be able to handle each situation that arises.
Pray that we show grace in our words and in our actions.
Pray for discernment in our conversations with students and with parents.
Pray that there is unity among our staff members and among our students.
Pray that Christ’s love flows out of us daily.
Pray that we make spending time in God’s word DAILY a priority.
Pray that Jesus guards our hearts and gives us the strength to go back each day to minister, and to teach, and to love, and to spread His arms around our students and love them like Christ loves them
We covet your prayers! We need you to stand in the gap daily for us. We are your Christian Ambassadors. Please pray for all of us.


When we first become a Christian, the Bible describes us as “newborn babes” who need to be taught the Word of God in order for us to grow and mature. That is the job of the Discipleship Team–training and discipling new believers.

English As A Second Language (ESL)

Teaching people from foreign countries to read, write and speak English is the main function of the ESL Ministry. They minister to both adults and children from all over the world. Volunteers to this ministry should enjoy interacting with people who come from different cultures. 

Renewed Minds

Renewed Minds is a support group for people with a mental illness and their family members. Renewed Minds meets at 6:45 pm on the first, third, and fifth Tuesdays of each month in the Education Building on Byne Memorial Baptist Church campus. Our meetings include a time for members to share their prayer requests and praise reports, devotionals, Christian music, and an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding.  

Home Bound

Many in our community are not physically able to come to church. The men and women of the Home Bound Ministry Team make sure they are not left out as they visit in their homes or hospital rooms and share the love and compassion of Jesus. Volunteers to this ministry should be willing to listen and show compassion. 

Oak Grove Park Ministry

Oak Grove Park Ministry shares the good news of Jesus with the children and young people at Oak Grove Mobile Home Park. They currently have 10 to 12 teachers who come on an alternating basis- student attendance can range from about 15 to as many as 40 on special occasions. 

Senior Adults/Happy Hearts

Senior Adult / Happy Hearts meet once a month and give senior adults (most who have lost their spouse) a time and place to socialize and enjoy good fellowship, food, and entertainment. Happy Hearts provides senior adults an outlet that both honors God and promotes good will among our members.


The Adult exercise classes meet each Monday and Wednesday from 10:30-11:30 in the Family Life Center. The classes consist of stretching, balance, low impact aerobics, ropes, hand weights, and chair exercises.   The classes are led by qualified leaders, and you move at your own pace.  It is free and open to the public.

Mission Team

Making sure that we always stay focused on our mission of “Building the Kingdom” is the goal of the Mission Ministry Team. They are responsible for coordinating specific mission activities that impact our community, state, nation and world. Members of this team should have a heart for missions and for serving others.


The Bereavement Team offers comfort and compassion to people who are experiencing the loss of a loved one. This is done through visiting with the family and providing meals during the time of grieving. This team is recommended for those with compassionate hearts.