You are invited to explore Byne’s various opportunities to be part of an exciting Music Ministry and/or Media Ministry. You may visit any of our rehearsals anytime, and see if you would find joy in participating in one or more of the following groups.


This group primarily leads in congregational worship on Sunday mornings and at other special-event services (revivals, conferences, etc.).  It is composed of vocalists and instrumentalists with hearts for worship and some degree of expertise in their musical talents. The vocalists sing in a rotating schedule.  We rehearse on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings before the service. Child care is provided.


The choir is the place for people who love to sing praises to our Lord to add their voice to a unique group of worship leaders.  We enjoy the harmony of the music, as well as the joining of our lives together in a common purpose to bring glory to Jesus Christ. Rehearsals are not only times of learning music, but also times of fellowshipping, developing lasting relationships with other people, and spiritually growing in our Lord. Various small ensembles and soloists are also used on special occasions.  Rehearsals are Wednesday nights.  Child care is provided.


We use a variety of instruments in our worship services. Many who play piano have added to our worship music by using that ability to play keyboards.  We also enjoy guitars, wind instruments (brass and woodwind), strings, and percussion.  If you play, or used to play an instrument, please see us about putting that talent to use in worship.  Rehearsals are Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings before the service.  Child care is provided.


There are music organizations for preschoolers and elementary school children.  They enjoy singing as well as experiencing many kinds of music, instruments and activities that aid in their social and physical development in the exciting music times on Wednesday nights.  Rehearsals occur while other age groups are involved in the many different Wednesday night ministries.


This engaging group is composed of persons who have some degree of knowledge in reading music and want to participate in a group that has a unique, delightful sound.  Handbells are most often heard in the Christmas season and we are focused on being able to share the joy of Christmas and the music of handbells not only in churches, but in the community.  We rehearse on Wednesdays and child care is provided.


Years ago we discovered a lot of folks have taken piano lessons!  And those folks have varied levels of ability at the piano. Since there is only one piano and one organ on the platform at Byne we purchased keyboards. Over the years those who play piano have joined us playing in the Keyboard Ensemble. From people who play one note at a time to highly accomplished musicians, the Ensemble participates in our worship services and other events outside the church, making beautiful music in praise and honor to our Lord.


ALL of our music groups are involved in missions outside Byne Church.  The largest project is Share the Joy in December in the Albany Mall- two weeks of music from Byne groups as well as others from the surrounding communities.  We add our staging equipment (platforms, sound, lights, video) to the Mall’s stage and share the Joy of Jesus Christ to mall-goers.  During those two weeks, our groups schedule at least one time to perform.  The smaller groups perform more often, not just at Christmas, but throughout the year.


The Media Team consists of volunteers who enjoy the “behind-the-scenes” yet very important aspects of ministry through technical media.  Different areas include Sound, Lights, Cameras,  Video, Computers, Projection onto Screens and Staging – setting up, moving, taking down the many components of our services. We provide complete training for all of these skills. If technical, creative arts or computer skills interest you, visit our Media Team.